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Memorial diamonds — a growing alternative to burials according to Urmydiamond

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When a loved one passes by, it is natural to mourn him. One way to ensure comfort is to honor their memory. There are many ways to do this, of course. Funeral services are one way to honor the memory of the deceased. However, burials are becoming less popular these days, and memorial diamonds are currently a growing alternative  .

Since time immemorial, people have buried their loved ones in graves and graves. The ancient Greeks and Egyptians decided to bury the deceased in the tombs, and in the Stone Age the tombs were in the form of houses. Other ancient civilizations in Japan and India cremated the dead, and in classical antiquity, cremation was part of the military procedure associated with honors on the battlefield.

Somewhere on the historical timeline, there was a shift between burials and cremation. One possible reason for this is that in the mid-1960s, the  Roman Catholic Church adopted cremation  as an appropriate form of burial for its members. In the 21st century, serious academic research in the field of cremation began to appear, and more and more people began to choose it instead of burials.

Alternative funeral trends became very popular at this time. Currently, one of the most popular ways in the UK to perpetuate the memory of your lovers is to get a commemorative diamond from their ashes. Memorial diamonds are as beautiful as mined diamonds, and even more unique and significant. And they certainly changed the funeral industry.

Memorial diamonds and cremation are becoming more popular.

 Memorial diamonds are made from the ashes of cremated remains. Cremation is becoming increasingly popular throughout the world, especially in the UK. The cremation rate in the UK has more than doubled over the past few decades, and for good reason. Cremation is more affordable than burial, and it can still include a memorial service for the deceased if their family decides to have this opportunity. Cremation is also more environmentally friendly.

With these benefits, it is not surprising that cremation is more common than ever. And it will continue to become increasingly popular — the National Association of Funeral Directors predicts that over the next ten years, the national cremation rate will be above 70%. And the  survey  showed that most people in the UK want to be cremated, not buried.

Cremation is more affordable than burial

When a loved one is buried, it can cost a lot of money. The good news is that a diamond to perpetuate the memory of your loved one is much cheaper than a funeral, plus it will last forever. A 0.25-carat 4 mm diamond can range from 1,400 to 2,200 pounds, depending on the cut and color chosen. In contrast, a standard burial can cost £ 4,267 or more, and this does not even include funeral expenses.

The reality is that funerals and funerals are extremely expensive. After that, you will have memories of your beloved, as well as a huge bill from the funeral home. And the cost of traditional burials continues to grow worldwide. In the United States, the average national cost of a funeral, including viewing and cremation in 2017, was $ 6,260. And this is only for the main funeral — a more beautiful funeral. In other major cities, such as Toronto and Tokyo, funeral expenses range from $ 5,000 to $ 15,000.

Memorial diamonds offer benefits

Like funerals, cremation ceremonies reflect a level of respect for deceased loved ones. After the ceremony, families seek new and unique ways to treat the ashes of their loved ones. By storing them in urns, dispersing them in nature, and other possibilities are viable, many people prefer to turn ash into  memorial diamonds. The industry has grown exponentially to accommodate this advanced way of handling ash.

The fact that more and more people are choosing cremation and memorial diamonds instead of traditional burials is good news, as cemetery burials have caused many problems, including congestion in cemeteries and groundwater pollution.

Overloading cemeteries leads to an unimaginable level of greenhouse gases — in fact, the traditional burial is 39 kg of greenhouse gases. Factor of all toxins that arise as a result of the decomposition of the body, as well as embalming fluids and metals that are used to prepare the body for burial.

Although cremation involves a small amount of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, it is much less than the environmental damage caused by burial for decades. Simply put, the body burns for two hours or less, while a buried body can drag on for years.

How memorial diamonds are made

When memorial diamonds are made, carbon from the ashes becomes a sparkling gem, which you can then cut and set to create an individual memorial. The resulting gem can be customized in shape, color, etc., to reflect the most important qualities of the deceased. But that is not all in creating memorial diamonds. Urmydiamon d specialists use state-of-the-art equipment to turn carbon from ash to memorial diamond. This process only requires about 200 g of ash or 10 g of hair.

 The carbon contained in human hair is exposed to high temperatures and intense pressure, turning it from ash to diamond. The purity of memorial diamond is the same as that of natural diamond. Despite the fact that it is made in a laboratory, it goes through the same processes as a natural event. Buyer can choose color, carat and clarity. Once the diamond is faceted, it is placed on any desired type of jewelry.

Memorial diamonds are affordable

The cost of memorial diamonds is incredibly affordable. In fact, they are often 20-30% cheaper than mined diamonds. Although the cost can certainly vary, smaller diamonds tend to cost more than larger ones. The reason for this is because they require more precision to create. In the UK, they expect to pay just 1,400 pounds for a good quality memorial diamond.

Losing a loved one can lead to very difficult times or personal tragedy, and memorial diamonds are something that some need to survive. Memorial diamonds are a viable option for funerals and provide comfort when British families need it most.

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